Saturday, May 2, 2009

Henry and Ziggy


and Ziggy...
Now a full day old and doing great. Oh - and we can tell them apart now.. Ziggy has just a few white hairs on his head... his curls also are a little thicker. I'm sure these factors will change and who knows if we'll still be able to tell them apart.

and I'd hate to leave Lambie out... so here's a shot of her from today.. she'll be
a year old in a few weeks.
It was a fabulous day out today -thankfully the weather prediction of rain missed us again! It was a perfect day to get things done around here... but still lots to do.


  1. Hard to believe she was that tiny little baby...

  2. and hard to believe that with all that care and loving, she is somewhat sassy now!

  3. Tonya,

    Congratulations!! Henry and Ziggy are cute as buttons. All great pictures, as usual. Speaking of which, do you want to sell some photos at the Gallatin Co. Farm market this coming Sat. the 9th? They allow other counties in, and art and crafts are allowed! I will be there with eggs. It is from 7am til 2 pm at the courthouse square. You just drive up and get a spot and sell from your car or a table.