Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mm, smells like Hawaii

The locusts are in full bloom now and they smell so wonderful. It really reminds me of stepping off the airplane in Hawaii... Between the locust blooms and the Iris blooming, it smells really nice outside.

And here's a couple of updates on the lambs.. this little guy still doesn't have a name - nor does his brother. Poor guys. They're doing great- even without names.

And little Ziggy... he gets excited when we go out to check on him. He'll run right up and visit - very friendly lamb!

And this is a color shot of Andy.. I think the other pics of him on the blog here are in sepia. He is the sire of the 4 lambs that we have and he has bred other ewes that will be lambing this season, but the next lambs will be out of our white ram Charlie. Andy has a very gentle disposition. (and the ewe ladies here really like him)

Yeah, he's a real ladies ram...

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  1. Our locusts are blooming too and yes, they smell heavenly! Are you noticing any bees on yours? They aren't touching mine. Wondering if the rain washed away the nectar :-/.