Tuesday, October 13, 2015

His Eye Is On the Sparrow

"Lil Bird" was it's name 

Yes, I know now that it is illegal to take in and raise any kind of wild bird. 
Even if it is starving and going to be eaten by a cat.
 Yet I didn't know it at the time ...
when Wyatt pointed out that there was a bird out of its nest, 
on the ground, 
behind the church building.

 Did I want to take it home?  
No, No, and then No. 
I didn't know the first thing about taking care of a baby bird. 
We walked away from the squawking bird that had been displaced from its nest.   
We even made it all the way to our truck in the parking lot.

I have read sometimes the mother will come back and take care of the bird 
while it's on the ground...  
yet i don't think this mother had
This little bird was unfeathered, 
pitiful, squawky, seemingly very hungry.
 He appeared to be open to anyone giving a little assistance... 
even us.  

We took him home.  
After a few weeks his feathers grew in. 

While he was not a fancy bird by any means, 
we thought he was quite beautiful.  

Then ... came the day he learned how to fly.    
I was excited that he had flown off.   
Wyatt, on the other hand... 
I explained how the bird was meant to be free
 "it was a good thing."
But Wy's heart, 
We walked out to the edge of the trees and called for little bird.
  We saw him.
Lil Bird flew back to us

"fly little bird"

I remember watching him up in the tree, 
 it's little eyes closed, 
just swaying on the branch with the wind.
Possibly thinking 
"it's a good day to be a bird"

If so
he was right.
It's always a good day to be 
exactly what we were created to be.

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