Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Review

I remember the moment I overheard the words on the news "the unofficial start to summer is coming up this Memorial Day".  Well, this was breaking news to me.   I just had to stand in amazement and wonder where my spring went, and why I wasn't prepared for this news.   Time passes so quickly. 

I don't know where to even begin on why spring was such a whirlwind, so I will just not think of it, and post pictures of sheep!  Hope everyone has had an enjoyable spring and is ready for summer. 
 Now the above picture was taken back in April.. our Ali (named after the fighter) and his sister.  Ali is aka "pond lamb" as he ended up in the pond a few hours after he was born.  Not sure how he got so far out in the pond, but just glad it all worked out.  He had symptoms of hypothermia, his mother said "oh no, he's not mine, my baby smelled good" as I got him out of the pond, and well... it was just a bit of sheep / field drama going on for a few days, but he is well, and as you can see (he's in the corner of the pic below) he's still hanging out with his people (his momma took him back thanks to Vicks.. aka "smell like your baby now?" gel)   
 Below is number 70.  She is apt to get a name here soon.  She has a sweet personality, as every pic I have taken of her, she seems so content.  Maybe its because she takes the time to stop and smell the thistles.   (They are cleaning up some areas outside their pasture for us in this shot.. not that the thistles are completely eradicated in their pasture... that's another job coming up far too soon!)
 This little black/gray lamb is out of our gray mouflon yearling.  (we really need to make a point to name the yearlings!)
 Below is our black/gray yearling. (alice's daughter)  I am still loving the gray pattern that we got last year from Val.  I am hoping to make some fun scarves from this fleece.  
 Same ewe.. just without all the scarves!
Sweet Annie.   (black gray yearling)
well, that's just a few spring shots from here on the farm... I had an opportunity to take several lamb photos today, so will be putting a post together soon of those - hopefully before the unofficial start of fall!