Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Motorcycle Melvin

We have an orphaned lamb.  Unfortunately, we lost a ewe to bloat last week.   It's never easy when there is a loss.. especially when there is a little lamb looking for his momma.   This little guy has been very hard to catch too.   I have stalked him at all hours (can't get him in the barn with the others) and it's not been uncommon for me to be out at 3 in the morning trying to catch him asleep.  He will run to another ewe to say "i'm not the one you are looking for.. see? .. I'm with her!"   He had been stealing milk from the others as well, sneaking in from behind where he can make a quick getaway if the unsuspecting mother were to catch him.   He finally warmed up to our attempts to feed him and willingly drinks from a bottle.   I was thinking he should be named "Melvin" and Wyatt wanted to name him "Motorcycle"   so, Motorcycle Melvin it is.   Likely the only lamb around with that name.

Wyatt is at the age where he says the cutest things.   Like "Mom, it's really hard"  what? "It's really hard waiting on my sausage"   or "Dad, it's really hard"  what?  "It's really hard waiting on mom"  (as they were in the truck Sunday morning waiting on me so we could leave for church)  or "I don't want to close my eyes... it's DARK in there!"   and then he has some sayings about getting big and then not getting big, like "I don't want to get big, if I get big,  my bike will be too little"  Then today, while hanging out in the recliner with Motorcycle Melvin, he said "Mom, when I get bigger, I want to shear the sheep" 

Quite possibly my favorite yet!


  1. How sweet and refreshing! Love Motorcycle Melvin and the relationship he has with your son.

  2. Aw, glad you were able to finally catch him. LOVE the name...and the thought of a future sheep shearer! :-D

  3. Cute! Sorry about your ewe. :(

    I'm hoping one of my kids will say how much they'd like to help clean the barn out when they grow up......

  4. Reminds me of Runaway Ralph, the mouse that rides a motorcycle. I certainly can picture a sheep riding one!