Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Zig Wig

Whenever I start to work with a different fleece, that fleece becomes my favorite.. lately, the Ziggy fleece is my favorite! Working with his wool, I really want to make dolls - and use this for their hair. I pulled apart this section, and wondered what it would look like on my head? no photo available on that.. but here's the zig wig:
I spun a small amount of his wool for a scarf and even looking at the yarn, I want to use IT for doll hair too!

My after Christmas project is going to be making little dolls for girls in India. The pattern is on-line, and they are simple little dolls. I have lots of wool set aside for stuffing and - of course, their hair! The little dolls will either get this "doll making" idea out of my head, or it will really give me the bug for it!

But not today.. today: pottery. Focus. Focus.


  1. Nice singles! Zig's wool is lovely....

  2. Wow! That would make great doll hair!

  3. I would love to visit with you and learn to spin. I have the wheel, wool, now, just time....
    Yes, *snap* (cracking the whip) get back to work. Stop lollygaging (I had to look up the spelling on that)and get that pottery done. ;)

  4. Yes Kelly, come visit and we'll spin wool! (after I get your pottery done, of course. Thanks for your order - i am having a great time with the design, i just love your logo!)

  5. Wow! I just came across this. Are you able to make one in adult size in grey/white? I would like to commission you. Please contact me at nataliercheney@yahoo.com