Friday, November 18, 2011

Custom Pottery Offer

I don't advertise special orders, because my time-line is terrible on getting them out. (and if you've asked for something other than what I have listed on my site, you know how true that is!)

I have been needing to explore new designs to add to the pottery, but it seems to get pushed further and further down the list.

I recently got a request to do angora goat mugs. (ok, so it was July - thanks for being so patient Devon!) I am working on getting those mugs ready along with a few other special orders so they will be ready for Christmas. I will need to make several pots in order to fill the kiln and while I can fill it with ewenice mugs and yarn bowls and a few personal Christmas gifts, I wanted to open a time of custom orders for my readers if anyone was interested.

So what's the deal? I will design a mug for you based on a photo you send, with no design charge - the mugs will be priced the same as the ewenice and sheep mugs (20.00 plus actual shipping charges). I am open to doing any kind of animal - cat, dog, alpaca, goat, elephant, ? (you never know) etc, and of course, your favorite sheep! (I only ask that I have permission to use the design that is created for future use on pottery) I am also open to designing barns/houses/church/buildings, etc. for the mugs too.

Also, with any custom order, Christmas ornaments of that same design can be made for 10.00 (a few bucks savings from what the sheep ornaments sell for on the site)

If you are interested, just email a photo of the subject to along with the size of the mug you would like, glaze color, and any other specific requests on the mug (thin lip, heavy, lightweight, 8 ounce 12 ounce, etc) and I will be in touch with you.
(currently I am using 3 different glazes -a gray/brown, blue and a gray/brown that is oversprayed with blue. You can see examples of these at

In order to have the pottery made/fired/glazed and fired again - then shipped in time for the holidays, I will need to put a deadline of Monday morning, November 21 on the offer.

Hope everyone is doing well and gearing up for the holidays! I am in awe at how fast the year passes - and I wonder - do I still have time to meet my resolutions I made for the "new year" ? Maybe I'll just wait on it and put it towards the next one coming up!


  1. Yep. I don't know how it happens so fast. I sent you my email. I like the blue glaze, med weight. So excited here.

  2. Me! I want one! I'll email you once I get home on Sunday.

  3. Wonderful! I'll start going through my pictures.

  4. ha ha! I totally didn't see this post before I sent you that e-mail! So... I'm hoping the offer is still available?? ~Marie Taylor