Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New Ram

We were looking to add a new ram to our flock this year, and we feel this ram lamb will just the right addition to our flock! I have to say though, the decision wasn't easy.

In addition to great fleece and conformation, we were also looking to add pattern to our flock.

This guy - currently known as 476 looks to be a gray moorit (with a double gray gene) (thanks to everyone who has had a hand in helping to decipher this!) I'll know more about what his pattern is when lambs hit the ground, but we're really looking forward to the 2012 lambs.

We will also be using our mouflon ram lamb as well as ziggy, or moorit ram, this breeding season.

476 was one of a triplet of 3 ram lambs. Just to give you an idea of how hard the decision was, just look at his brothers:

and that's not to count the other ram lambs there to choose from! This beautiful gray moorit has a fleece that just glistens..and the spotted ram? goodness, i need to quit looking at these pictures because i want them all. (Jack is supportive of this venture, but he might not be if I bought 3 or more rams at once! lol) These rams, along with other wonderful Icelandic lambs, are available at H&K farms - located in Pleasureville, KY.

We also purchased a gray moorit ewe lamb and a moorit mouflon ewe that we are excited to bring home. (and Sir Charles.. I can't wait to show you Sir Charles, an icelandic/border leicester cross)

It was a great day visiting H&K farm and then, to top the day off, Wyatt and I stopped by the Owen County Fan Fair - a new event in a nearby county to welcome Nascar fans. There were local artists, and potters.. and a big inflatable bouncy house for Wyatt! I did a little shopping there too! (pictures coming... I love local art)

I'd better stay home for a while now.


  1. Well, those were some tough choices you had to make. Can't wait to see Sir Charles :-).

  2. So glad you got your new ram, and some ewes too! Look forward to seeing what you get next spring from these! Congratulations, love the name Sir Charles! :-))