Sunday, July 31, 2011

A New Project...

Today was our "groundbreaking" day on getting started on our house. We had planned to build several years ago, but we built a shop first, and along the way during that project we built living quarters in the upstairs. Then.. we were going to start a house. However, we've been cozy and content ever since, and just hadn't been real motivated to leap into building a house after we finished the shop. (and I say we, meaning not just Jack and I, but my Dad, my brother, friends.. a lot of people fit into that "we".. there were a lot of people that helped us along.. a tremendous amount of help!)

We have come to the point though, where we need more space - Wyatt needs his own room! We love where we live now, but it's becoming a necessary. So, all that being said, this is where we're building our house. (it's just beyond our shop/apartment) Unfortunately, those trees there in the front had to be cut down to accommodate an electric line/pole.

We hate to cut down living trees, but really didn't have any other options that were feesible. We will miss those trees, but will replace them with smaller ones in a different area that will hopefully someday reach those heights!

I'm sure the sheep will miss them too, but at the time this pic was taken, that's not what was on their minds. Starting a chainsaw up around here is like ringing a dinner bell.. they came from all corners of the pasture to see what we were trimming, and to see if there was anything in it for them!

There was. With that done, (yet not completely finished.. as there is still wood split, laying everywhere! Not to mention some branches remaining in the sheep pen.. ) but today was the day our excavator was scheduled to dig the basement. It went great -

and we have a hole in the ground!

It will be an on-going project, building this house.. and we cant even begin to have an idea of when we'll be finished, but we're getting started, and we're excited to be at this point.


  1. Congratulations, Tonya! Looks like a beautiful spot for your house. That's great that your family is there to help too! Looking forward to updates and photos!

  2. That is bigger than a "project". It is life altering. How wonderful for you and your family. Keep us posted with the progress.

  3. Congratulations!! Hope everything goes smoothly!

  4. Wow, now that's a project! I cracked up about the dinner bell part. Same thing happens around here.