Sunday, April 10, 2011


We had the first of our lambs earlier this month. I was anticipating late March, and the first ones arrived on the evening of the 1st of April.

We have 4 ewe lambs and 1 little ram. That'll be great if they keep coming 4 ewes to a ram!

These little mouflon twins were the first to arrive. This pic was taken a few hours after they were born. They're so active jumping around, it's hard to get a pic of them now! Plus, it would be easier to get a picture if I could set Wyatt down, but with the protective mothers, we've learned that is not an option. So, pictures are going to be limited to just what we can get. It doesn't help that my camera is acting up either! I'm having a hard time getting it to focus.. arh.

we've been putting the lambs up in the barn for just a few days when the lambs are born. We generally leave them on the pasture, but i'm shearing them as they have their babies... and keeping them in the barn for a few extra days just to make sure all is going well with them.

This is Josie's little girl. I should say big girl. Josie has twinned every year, but this year she 'singled' with this big beautiful girl.
These 2 belong to Delilah.. they're sweet. Not that i can catch them now, but when they were in the barn.. they were pretty friendly.
And of course, my helper in training! He's having fun. (well, except for the protective mother stuff... we bring the lambs to the other side of the gate now)

Meanwhile, the others are enjoying the sunshine, the green grass and the breeze... waiting for their time.

Except maybe Myrtle:

What's that Myrtle? I can't hear you.


"""HEAR ME?""""


Oh, yes, now that you said it slower, and louder, I get it.

That was kinda creepy!


  1. OMG Tonya, Myrtle scares me a little bit. What an expression. We went to shearing class last Saturday and I'm still too sore to blog it. Happy lambing. What sweet babies. Awwwwwwwww.....Wyatt is so cute!

  2. Beautiful babies!! Love those moulfon lambs!! That is one pattern I don't have yet. Wyatt looks soooo cute with that lamb!