Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Few More Lambs..

and a few more pictures.

The last post ended with Myrtle, so I'll start with her... this is her little guy. 1/2 icelandic, 1/2 ? non icelandic. The little brown ram is not hers, he's just trying to sneak a little milk. He must think she'd never notice a little milk missing.

this is a little better pic of her guy, isn't he cute?

this little ram lamb is 1/4 shetland and 3/4 icelandic. We bought 2 icelandic / shetland crossed ewe lambs last year and this is the first lamb borm from them... can't wait to see what the other ewe comes up with! (i don't think she could top this little fella)

another picture of the mouflon ewe.. same lamb as on the last post, just a little older

What a little character. We might have another 'ziggy' on our hands. This guy loves a face rub. He'll put his head on your shoulder and fall right to sleep.

and his sister.

There's several more out there that haven't had their pics taken yet.. we're up to 15 lambs, with several more looking like they will lamb any day now!

Happy Spring!


  1. Beautiful babies!!! Love the black and white!

  2. Such sweet babies! Glad you're getting some ewe lambs.

  3. They are beautiful! I love Icelandic lambs!

  4. they are so cute. It was nice being home to see the shetlands lamb their babies are so small and adorable! Just like yours, but not as fuzzy!