Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Little Helper

But a huge help!

I've been unable to do much of anything this week (i thought i could lift something that my back couldn't) Jack has been wonderful about taking over the sheep chores, and Wyatt has jumped right in too! Plus, it's given Wyatt a good reason to get out on his tractor! (He won't be "old" enough for it until this time next year..but who goes by the recommended ages on the label? )

Boy that was fun!

It was a beautiful week, and looks like we're in for more nice weather this coming week! How nice it is to open the door and hear birds chirping. Winter is so quiet, but it sounds like spring out there. (and feeling like it too!)


  1. Such a handsome, little man!
    And a beautiful sunset!

    Thanks for the smile ~ I needed it after visiting Tammy's blog with it's beautiful new header...

  2. Oh my, he is so stinkin' cute. Seems like he was just born the other day so it's funny to see him riding a tractor.

  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Sorry about your back. I know how you are feeling. The tractor is great and it looks like Wyatt has everything under control. I look forward to hearing birds, other than crows, this spring. We have about 3 ft of snow and I know it will be more soon. Take care and feel better.

  4. Achin' backs can be miserable especially when the only way to get better is to give it a rest! Glad you have help from Jack and Wyatt. Takes two men to keep up with mom's chores ;-)))

  5. You can't keep a good farm woman down. Just be sure you stay down long enough to get that back completely better. Every farm boy needs his own John Deere! He's soooo cute!