Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sign Read "9 Weeks Til Spring"

I was driving into town last week and passing by a Nursery, I noticed a sign that was advertising to many, the hope of warmer weather, birds chirping, and plans of gardening projects. What I got from the sign was a touch of panic - 9 weeks? !! I still have a lot of winter projects to do!!

I think we're down to 8 weeks now. (just in case you have a lot of winter projects to finish up as well)

I am looking forward to spring, but have to admit, I am enjoying winter. Hope you are as well!


  1. I'm with you, Tonya!
    As much as I love the idea of opening up the house and hearing the birds chirping, I'm OK with the cold temps when I've got lots of work to be done. Actually, if it would just STAY Spring for a few months, I'd love it. But we know that right behind those gentle Spring days comes the heat and humidity (and mosquitoes!) of summer.

    The truth is, I think if we all just enjoy the season that we have today, we'll all be much happier souls...

  2. That was definitely a southern sign. Ours are still saying "Brrrr....what the @$!!" Take care and have a warm and cozy day.