Monday, January 3, 2011

Hey Guys!

Where is everyone going?

The sheep seemed to be a bit leary of this guy. They've seen him plenty, but he must have looked different to them from this angle!
It was so warm last Friday when these pics were taken. (60's) It was fun to let Wyatt run around in the field - and it was great for me too, as I was able to take some pictures! It seems it's been a while since I've had the opportunity to have 2 hands free to hold a camera.

Oh wait, someone is going to be friendly. Yes, that's our Roxy. She's a sweet little ewe lamb.
We have a sale pending on the 6 ewe lambs that were listed on our sale page, but this girl didn't make that list. We chose 3 lambs to keep from this years lambing and Roxy was so sweet, I hated to part with her.

Sadly, this pretty little lamb is one that will be leaving. Isn't that a sweet face?

And little Charolette, she will be moving on to another pasture too.

This is a picture of "the gang" that we are keeping. Roxy is the icelandic in the front middle. Her sister DiDi in the back right is the lamb that had a broken leg earlier in the year. She has healed so well, and runs and gallops with the rest of them! I have to say, our vet was amazing and so kind. He said that he wished all of his patients had the will to live that she had. She really was something. She was a good patient. Despite the broken leg, she seemed to enjoy her trips to the vet. She is back to being a sheep now. The little lamb on the left is her little friend, that we've renamed "lil friend". I kept her with DiDi for company the many, many weeks that DiDi had to be separated from everyone else. So... those are the lambs we're keeping. They're nice little ewes. And oh yes, the other characters in the picture...

that is Hickory and Hiccup. They came to stay with us back in the summer (and never went home) They were bottle lambs that our friends raised. They are probably some relation to our "myrtle" but we're not sure. They came from the same farm. They hang close to DiDi and the other 2 girls.

We enjoy all of the sheep here, and while we hate to see any of them leave, we're glad that they will be going to a good home.


  1. Can you believe how well little Wyatt is walking -- and on a hill all bundled up? :-) Adorable photos! Beautiful sheep and lambs!

  2. Those pictures of Wyatt are too cute. He's really growing like a weed.

    I'm glad you live far away. Otherwise I'd be so tempted to bring home a few lambs.

  3. Too cute. I'm trying real hard not to add one of your Icelandics to the herd here...

  4. What beautiful pictures of Wyatt and the sheep. They can run faster than he can so they are safe. I'm glad the little lamb's leg healed. We have one ram lamb to take to the butcher. I have been putting that off. Glad the weather has been so nice. Happy New Year.

  5. What a nice introduction to your lovely flock! Wyatt will never be bored or lonely with those girls (especially Roxy) around...

  6. I don't know how you can part with any of them! I tried being a foster mom to stray kittens and I failed miserably. They all live with me ;-).
    Looks like you will have your hands free but your legs busy trying to stay up with Wyatt!