Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Catching Up

Well it has been a week of catching up around here now that the fiber festival is over. I've actually been enjoying getting the house back in order. (if there ever was such a thing) What am I going to get into now?
Fiber! This is some beautiful Llama fiber that was sent to me from my friend Terese, over at Gizmo quilts I was thinking a hat with the darker fiber, but I'm not sure yet what I'd like to make from the brown fiber?
It is so soft and silky! I was thinking I'd like to spin it and make a lacy scarf with it. I haven't spun Llama before, do I need to spin it with another fiber, or can I spin it alone? I'm looking forward to this. Thanks Terese!

And did I tell you that we were getting more sheep? Oh, I may have hinted around about it here and there.. you know, with all that money we were saving using cloth At the time, I really was kidding. That was before I knew that Karen was going to sell more of her Icelandics! Our ewes here came from Mike and Karen at Whippoorwill Farms in WV, and we have been so pleased with all of them. When I saw that she had a spotted ewe for sale, well, we(ok, I) just couldn't resist! So - this is Mildred and her Shetland cross ewe babies Bea and Brady.
There's more beautiful ewes where this one came at It looks like she has just added cashemere kids to her sale page, too!

Karen has Shetlands also, and gave us this beautiful Emsket Shetland fleece! I am sure looking forward to spinning this fleece! Thanks Karen! (and thanks for the beautiful ewes)

It sure seems to be raining a lot here lately. We've had a bit of flash flooding in the area here - just hoping that it's not a terribly wet year - or dry either. That's maybe asking a lot, isn't it? This picture was taken as a tornado warning was posted on the news for an area north of us. The sky looked great from here. Fortunately, we didn't hear of any major damage caused by the storm.

I'll wrap this up here with a picture of Ziggy. He's so hard to get a photo of. (he's always under foot) To get this photo, I would run away from him and try to get a picture of him, but here he was running behind me... this went on and on.. so long, that if you look close, you'll see his tongue is hanging out!


  1. That Ziggy is a cutie. Congrats on the new sheep! I've heard that Shetland-Iceland crosses are lovely. How big is your flock now?

  2. I didn't know Icelandics came spotted. Cool!

  3. s.e, thanks! we are looking forward to the cross fleeces this fall - they are very soft. We have 40 now counting lambs.

    c.s.l, yes icelandics can be spotted (sometimes polka-dotted lol), badgerface and mouflon are also patterns that Icelandics can have.

  4. What a pretty spotted sheep. I bet you are excited about your new additions.
    Do you have to wash the fleece before you can spin it?

  5. Star, I don't have a lot of experience with spinning (a beginner here) but I have tried spinning "in the grease" a few times and thought it did have some advantages (no static for one!) I've read though that it's not good to spin in the grease because the dirt could get trapped in the fiber. Since I read that, I've stuck to just washing it first. Thanks for visiting!