Saturday, December 19, 2009

From the Kitchen Window

I took the Roman Shades down last night to redo them, and it was a nice surprise to wake up this morning and see this scene outside the window. It looks like a new season has arrived here.

I might make it out sometime today to tromp in the snow, but for now, i just took a few pictures from the window.

Some of the ram lambs... I can't wait to put all of the sheep back in one lot. We have 3 separate lots going now with breeding season finishing up...big rams, small rams, ewes.. We only have the one guard dog, so not only will it be less complicated to feed and water when they're in one lot, they'll be much safer too.

And Little Wyatt.. He's already 2 weeks old now. (and changing every day) I looked at these pictures that were taken this past week and it looks like they're of 3 different boys, but it's the same sweet little guy.


  1. What a beautiful baby boy! You certainly know how to capture his angelic features with your camera. Merry, merry Christmas!!!

  2. what beautiful pictures. How are you feeling? Wyatt is a handsome lad.

  3. Very beautiful - both out the window and Wyatt :-).

  4. I think I'd leave the shades OFF! Such a pretty view.

    And your son is unbelievably handsome. He looks so content...

  5. Wyatt is absolutely beautiful Tonya, I am so wanting to hold him and take in that sweet, sweet new baby smell. God bless you, Jack and baby Wyatt!