Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From the kitchen window

The intent was to wash the dishes, but with a beautiful sunrise, the dishes could wait...


It's going to be a beautiful day.

Alright, back to the dishes in the sink...


  1. How the heck did I miss that, I have basically the same view as you! Must have been cleaning the cat boxes. Beautiful shots.

    Napoleon Ridge Farm

  2. Hey Tricia, It was maybe 5 minutes from the first pic to the 2nd.. (i actually locked myself out of the house taking the first pic, so the 2nd pic was taken from in the house.. lol. it was too cold to be locked out a housecoat) As the sun started to come up, it disappeared behind the clouds and the colors faded away fairly quick.. but it was beautiful while it lasted!

    p.s.I'm looking forward to your blog!

  3. I have it created now, just tinkering on the design and fonts. will probably post a little something today. This weekend will be my bee posting - I need to check the hives as it will be warm and they will be moving about.