Thursday, April 3, 2014

"It's bedtime Mom"

I just came in the house a few minutes ago and I guess the sound of the door closing woke Wyatt up.   I heard "mom?"  "yes"  "I need to tell you something"  "ok"  silence.  .. silence... then I heard the sound of  little feet hitting the floor and then I heard those same tired feet cloppety clop across the room into where I was taking off my mud boots.   The "something" he needed to tell me was that he was thirsty.   We shared a few moments of sipping grape juice together at the kitchen table when he said "it's bedtime Mom, you should be in bed"   

oh how right he is about that.. 4 years old, telling me I should be in bed!   I love it, tell that to the sheep though.

In prior years, I thought that they lambed at night because they wanted to have their babies when I wasn't around, but that theory has been disproved, because they see me just as much - if not more often - during the night hours.  

We had 4 lambs born today  - 3 of them being just a few hours ago.   Myrtle had triplets again, but sadly we lost the 3rd lamb.  The lamb was being born with both of the front legs presented, but the head was turned back. I assisted and felt that it was going well, but the lamb was born unresponsive, and while I tried everything I could think of, the lamb remained unresponsive.    It is so sad to hear a ewe mourn.  She talked to her other lambs, but it was more of a cry when she came back to this lamb.  Just really sad.   She seemed to be doing better when I left the barn.   

While I don't like to report bad news, it is sometimes a reality in the life of shepherding.  

Hoping for a better day of lambing tomorrow and the days after!   Meanwhile.. I had better get in bed... I have been told it's past my bedtime!   It has been way TOO long since I had a "bedtime"  Maybe someday...

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