Friday, March 21, 2014

Stair Parts Are In!

 I have had a few folks asking if we were moved in the new house yet.. and while it is going on 3 years, one would think we would be, but this is an example of why we aren't. 
Stair parts below:
 Now, this wasn't Jacks idea, so don't think that I am complaining that "he" is making things complicated, because I have myself to blame when it comes to that.   If Jack were building the house apart from me, I think he would have moved in a long time ago.  I have to say that he is very supportive with different ideas that have came up and has been more than patient.   

We were thinking of using barn beams and racking for the handrail, but after much looking, we had a hard time finding enough parts that matched well enough to be used together.  We tried finding new materials that we could distress, but finding posts that had not been treated, but were the size we were looking for AND had been kiln dried was not easy either.  Jack came home from the new Menards store in Cincinnati with a pamphlet of log railing.   Before he had a chance to order them, Wyatt and I brought in a small load of locusts from Dad's neighboring farm.
I haven't been able to find a lot of information on doing this, so it will be an experiment for sure.  One thing I have learned, (not by experience, but by Grandpa telling me) is if you cut the logs when they start to leaf out, the bark will peel easily. (ours didn't peel so well, but a drawknife worked great in removing the bark)   While we have several projects to finish, the handrail is what is keeping us from moving in.  I hope to report soon that we are moved in and I can work on getting the pottery wheel going again!  (although it has been so long, it might take a year for me to relearn the process!)


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