Monday, January 27, 2014

Hiccup (one of our non-Icelandic ewes) had her lambs a few days ago. 
Not the best weather for lambing, so I am thankful that the majority of our girls will be waiting until nicer weather!
Wyatt wanted to name this little guy "sheep" but the next morning when he woke up one of the first things he said was "mom, I want to name the boy lamb Rocket now"  
I don't know where that came to him from, but no questions asked, Rocket it is.  
Which, good thing, because the next day he said "I want to name the next lamb - doorknob"
we might have to think a little longer about that next suggestion!
No sooner than I posted that our girls weren't going out in the snow, the temperature changed and went up a good 50 to 60 degrees, and out they came. 
Sweet Hazel
One of our new ewes, Tipsy
and one of the lambs we bought last fall with Tipsy, Gin.
The others were enjoying the sunshine thru the barn door.  
I have to say, that warm sunshine yesterday was wonderful.  
Just a nice reminder to hold on, spring will be here soon.
Along with more lambs!

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