Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wool Harvest

First step in preparing for fall shearing - take photos! 
Above is #70, a yearling

 Sweet Roxy

Josiah- yearling ram

I had to throw this picture in.. this handsome lamb has beautiful wool, but seems to have got out at some point and found a burr bush- arh!   I will have some time in picking through this fleece.
We have worked on ridding burrs from pastures but if one slips out, well.. it is certain they are going to find the burrs.  
 All in all though, looking forward to the wool harvest!


  1. Them sure are pretty sheep you've got there.. :) can't wait to see what you end up making.

  2. It's a sheep farming rule - they go where you don't want them to go! Looks like you've got a beautiful harvest.

  3. Oh my goodness.....drool drool drool.....

  4. Love the fiber! We didn't shear our sheep till early June so their fiber is not as heavy as yours. Missed seeing you at the Kentucky Wool and Fiber festival in May.
    Nancy Crockett