Monday, August 20, 2012

Professional Mowers

In days past, when the pastures would get low, or it was just time to move the sheep off them, I would put up my  temporary fencing.  It was aluminum wire that I strung up on temporary posts supported by metal T posts on the corners.        It was very time consuming to put up and then take down and move, so I am really appreciating the real temp fencing that we purchased this summer.  (Sheep & Goat Temp netting from Premier)
This temp fence is really great - and so quick to move.  I just love being able to move it every few days without investing a lot of time in doing so.
As much as I like it, it's safe to say the sheep like it more!  Their pastures are practically bare, so it's worked out well to be able to turn them out in new areas. 

 Fresh weeds! 
The lambs are growing well and despite the heat and dry summer, they have been doing great.  I am really looking forward to shearing the lambs in the next few weeks.    Seems it is always starting in October but continuing  up into November before I am finished shearing, so hoping to get a jump on it by shearing the lambs much earlier than usual.
It's been one quick summer!


  1. My real mower hardly got used this summer. It is wonderful seeing your sheep out on full pasture!

  2. Boy, you must have been getting all the rains we haven't gotten. Your lambs are getting big!

  3. I just LOVE that electronetting! I couldn't raise my sheep without it! Your lambs are looking beautiful! And look at all that green!! Even my weeds have dried up. We haven't had much rain in months.