Friday, July 6, 2012

Still.... still waiting on lambs

Seriously?     I have to research this, we've never had Icelandic lambs this late in the year.   I don't know if it's possible that their milk could be coming in without them being bred?   I have heard of it happening with goats, but this is a first for us.    Roxy here is one of two Icelandics that have been milking up.   I checked a few days ago to be certain that there's milk, and there is.. and I noticed as much as a month ago that her milk was coming in.   Maybe they're waiting for warmer weather to have those babies?  (100+degree record breaking weather right now)

Girlie here (below) is the other ewe that appears to have been bred.

Meanwhile, here's some of the other lambs that are nearing weaning.    This is Deloris' ram lamb:

And his sister:
 What a sweet little face

This lil guy is Murphy, and he's from our moorit ewe Sierra.   This is her first lamb and he has such a beautiful fleece of brown/gray and black.

This is one of DiDi's ram lambs.   He is one of a set of twin ram lambs.

Delilah's gray/black ewe lamb

(Deloris in the foreground) but one of our 3 gray moorit rams from this year in the background:

And the lovely Mr B.

Just a few of the 2012 lamb crop.   The heat is brutal here, but fortunately they seem to be handling it well.  Our pastures are terribly dry, but if we can make it to Sunday - hopefully we will get some much needed rain iand cooler temps!

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  1. I just stumbled on to your blog and wanted to drop you a note to say "love it". We have many of the same interests. I have read may of your past posts and look forward to the regular updates on your farm and art! Keep up the good work!