Monday, May 28, 2012

Lambs, Lambs, Lambs

Deloris, our mouflon ewe, finally had her babies last week:
a little mouflon ram lamb,

and a little mouflon ewe lamb.

We are expecting a few more lambs from our yearlings, but meanwhile, here's some updated photos of our older babies.

Carlie's ewe lamb -what a pretty smile

 Alice and her gray/black ewe lamb
Cheyenne and her Black/Gray ewe lamb
 Carlie's Black/gray ewe lamb
 LeAnn and her white ewe lamb
Josie's Gray/Moorit ram lamb.

It's been a good lambing season, however it's not been without loss.   We lost our yearling "lil friend" earlier in the lambing season.   She aborted her lamb, it was malpresented.  I assisted and felt she would be ok but we lost her a few days later.   
A couple weeks ago, we lost a lamb from our Gray Moorit yearling Savannah.   She had her lamb a couple of weeks earlier that I had expected, and her milk hadn't come in yet.   I supplemented with goats' colustrum, but it must have been too late, as she got weaker and weaker as the evening went on, and we lost her the next day, despite all the efforts to save the little lamb, I just didn't catch it in time.


  1. Beautiful lambs! Sorry for your losses, it is always hard.
    Beautiful sunset too!

  2. You've got a really nice looking bunch of ewe lambs. I know how hard it is to lose one. It comes with being a shepherd, but still it's difficult to accept. I'm sure you did all anyone could do. Beautiful pictures!