Thursday, March 29, 2012

Waiting on lambs

and it shouldn't be much longer!

Meanwhile.. the firstborn here is getting quite a bit of attention from us- not that he looks like he wants to be- is he sticking his tongue out at me?

oh wait, no that must have been a mistake-he's too sweet for that!

Aren't lambs cute when they're smiling? (and .. well, even when they're not?)

What a happy little lamb.

(And Alice, you were asking about a name... I haven't named him, but if you can come up with a name for him, it's all yours. While you're working on that, I'll work on shearing his momma)


  1. He's a cutie! Still waiting for the first lambs to show up here. Should happen any day now. Aren't we having great weather for lambing this year? (for a change!)

  2. Yes! The weather is perfect!! Makes it so enjoyable to go out and check on them often. Hope you have a great lambing season Dianne!