Monday, February 13, 2012

NOT another unfinished project..?

Oh YES IT IS! lol. I could spend a year just finishing up different thoughts and little ideas and projects around here.. and here's another example.

This is an idea that I knew I wouldn't be able to complete for a while (because I haven't found the glaze that I have in mind for it). I went ahead and started it, because if I didn't do it while it was fresh on my mind it would get pushed to that "i thought of doing that" pile.

This is an attempt to carve lil Wyatt onto a handmade tile. The original photo that I used, he was about a year old and had a blade of grass in his mouth. Well.. that ended up looking like a cigarette, so that didn't stay. It was a fun little project to sculpt/carve, but I really need to take a class or read a book on sculpting the mouth and eyes.. I had fun with the rest of it though.

Meanwhile, I'm looking for a glaze recipe that will have the look of something like bronze. When it's glazed, I'd like to make somewhat of a simple shadowbox style frame (without glass) to mount the tile to.

I need to focus on a few things, and not be so scattered with things i want to do, but there's just so many things you can do with clay! (and wool...) I just can't seem to stay focused!

Good news though - I'll be opening the kiln today, and the projects in it are completed..

Thank goodness.

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  1. The sculpture of Kyle is awesome! You are SO talented...