Friday, August 26, 2011

Wyatt, How'd you get that bump on your head?

Could it be from trying to do something like this while Mom wasn't looking?

Who is watching you anyways?

I needed to check a few lambs today to see if they needed worming, and Wyatt insisted he'd rather go to the field than sit in the truck and watch a DVD. (educational of course) oh no, wait.. it was the cartoon about the fish, so scratch that "educational".. it would have served a purpose though - like keeping him safe while I checked the lambs. I was attempting to catch the lambs where they were resting in the shade, and while I had little success, I turned around and saw that Wyatt wasn't having trouble catching sheep! Fortunately, Roxy is a sweet sheep and didn't jump and run with him on her back. (likely giving him a matching shiner on the other side)

Thanks Roxy for taking care of lil guy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

All this dirt...

All this dirt, and so little time to play in it!

Footers are in, gravel is scattered.. basement walls and slab coming soon. (we were bumped back a little, but sounds like they'll be here next week now to do that.)

Meanwhile, we're working to catch up on some projects that need to be finished outside of our place - drywall, tile, beadboard ceilings...

And sheep! Wyatt and I picked up our new sheep from M&K Farms this week! We'll have them out on pasture soon, but here are a few 'barn shots' of the new additions.

This is daphne, a moorit mouflon.

Below here is Val, ram lamb and a gray moorit ewe lamb.

I really like Val and glad we chose him. Although it was a tough decision - H&K had so many nice lambs to choose from!

Not pictured here is Sir Charles. Charlie is his given name, but since we already have a Charlie (a sign we already have too many rams.. duplicating we've renamed the new Charlie, "Sir Charles" and we call him "Sir". He's an Icelandic Border liecester cross and he's just something. (Thanks Mary Anne, we just love him!) He was raised on a bottle and he loves attention. I will post some photos of Sir when we get him out on the pasture (if i can get far enough away from him to take a photo)

Wyatt, what do you think of your new sheep?

He is becoming quite the helper around here! From shutting the sheep in the lot for the evening (even if it's not time) and watering and feeding the sheep, he was even helping stack wood last night. (not that we've given a 20 month old chores, he has just jumped in to help..) At this age, i'm sure this all looks like fun.

And well, it is! Isn't it?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Glorious weather

The heat spell that went through was-well, just - hot! These past few days have been so beautiful! It's hard to believe that fall is just around the corner.

Things have been busy around here, like everywhere. The big hole in the ground is still a big hole in the ground. They are coming Monday to start on the footers/ foundation and we should have a basement in the ground by this time next week.. meanwhile, I need to get a load of pottery glazed, some wool washed, and several miscellaneous projects finished. Looking forward to wrapping up all those loose ends and fraying some new ones with the next project.

Hope everyone is being blessed with cool breezes this week!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Sheep and the how they're dealing with the heat..

Well this is how they're beating the heat -- they have an area in their lot that is low lying and it catches the breeze if there is any.
Considering the extreme heat we've been having - and the number of days it's been here, they're doing fairly well.
Our mouflon ram lamb has had a spell with it, but he seems to be pulling thru. I've said if he survived the treatment, he'll do well. He had quite a few shots - mostly vitamins, iron, but along with worming, I gave him a copper drench. He also seemed to be getting summer pneumonia, he had a bit of a rattle in his cough, so he got a few shots for that as well. I'm not a big believer in giving everything you got in the cabinet - but he was pretty bad, and felt the situation called for it! It's been a week, and he's still eating, and getting around, so I think he'll be fine.

The other lambs have been holding up pretty good.

Here's a couple of lamb pics: This is Iced Mocha, ram lamb

and Le Ann's ewe lamb

Sweet Miss Ellie

and our lil friend

While we're all coping with the heat, a break in the weather would be welcomed!

I Take It Back..

What I said about LeRoy, and "I doubt he'll try that again" ? Ok, I take it all back.

I went over to the barn yesterday, and there was under the wagon.. same spot.

I thought from this angle, he might be starting to bloat? Or maybe it's just the angle..

I got him out and he's looking at me as I'm walking away - as if to say "as soon as you're out of sight... I'm going back to my spot!" (notice Virgil under the wagon too... there really is a fan going in the barn, but I guess nothing compares to laying under the wagon!)