Monday, August 1, 2011

The Sheep and the how they're dealing with the heat..

Well this is how they're beating the heat -- they have an area in their lot that is low lying and it catches the breeze if there is any.
Considering the extreme heat we've been having - and the number of days it's been here, they're doing fairly well.
Our mouflon ram lamb has had a spell with it, but he seems to be pulling thru. I've said if he survived the treatment, he'll do well. He had quite a few shots - mostly vitamins, iron, but along with worming, I gave him a copper drench. He also seemed to be getting summer pneumonia, he had a bit of a rattle in his cough, so he got a few shots for that as well. I'm not a big believer in giving everything you got in the cabinet - but he was pretty bad, and felt the situation called for it! It's been a week, and he's still eating, and getting around, so I think he'll be fine.

The other lambs have been holding up pretty good.

Here's a couple of lamb pics: This is Iced Mocha, ram lamb

and Le Ann's ewe lamb

Sweet Miss Ellie

and our lil friend

While we're all coping with the heat, a break in the weather would be welcomed!


  1. I wants me a white Icelandic lamb next year!

  2. Beautiful sheep! It's pretty much the same scene here. They're all just laying low during the day and grazing at night. I am way over the kind of summer we are having. I'm ready for some cool, autumn breezes and my sheep are too.

  3. Hope your mouflon gets better! You know he is my favorite! ;-)
    I also have a couple that are not doing as well. I just keep trying to encourage them along. But tomorrow they are predicting a high of 107!! I feel so sorry for them!
    Hope you get relief soon!