Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Self Reliant Spinner

Little Ewenice, Big City!

Ewenice has packed her box and is headed to New York City!

She was thrilled when I told her she was invited, but when I told her exactly where in the city she was going, her eyes got big, and her wool stood on end. (Just as though she had exclamation points following her) !! She turned pale and said that now -she really had nothing appropriate to wear!

(this from a ewe that didn't pack a swimsuit KNOWING she was going to California. Imagine my surprise when I heard she was on the beach... a N'ewe'd beach, no less. Talk about a postcard in need of censorship.)

(photo removed due to content)

I told her more important than what she's going to wear, she needed to think about staying out of trouble... and, taking it easy! She is due to lamb here in a few months. (another story.. one of a fence climbing ewe.. well.. you get the picture)

She's actually going to be doing some work while she's in the city. This trip could be a big break for her, but I'm just hoping she has a good trip, and gets there safe. (traveling in a postal box should well prepare her for the NYC taxicabs.. You've not had an exciting ride until you've tried that!)

It might be a few months before we hear back from her, but I'll post more about the assignment she's on when she checks in and there's more to tell..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A pot here...

and a pot there..

It's definitely not been a quick process.. I have been working 3rd shift, well, potting 3rd shift. Not every night of course, but just here and there I'm making pots between the hours of midnight and 6am. I decorate them during the day while Wyatt is awake, but the pots are made while he's sleeping.

I have been working with the white clay, and sgraffito designs. I plan to switch back over to the brown clay here in the next 2 weeks. (Ewenice clay) All the tools, pottery wheel, sponges, wedging board...etc.. everything has to be cleaned thoroughly to use the white clay, so I'm trying to make an abundance of white clay items before I bring out the brown clay again. I am almost out of mugs on my website, so I'm trying to make several of each design so that I can have a good assortment on there, as well as a nice display for the fiber festival that is quickly approaching. The above design is a new one. Very similar to the "ewenited we stand" , but without the wording. I like the simplicity of this one. For whatever reason, I think of Charlie's angels when i see this one. Maybe i'll call it Charile's Ewes? (no, nevermind.. someone might think i'm meaning - sheen..baah! )
(And Alice, if you're reading this, you won't believe it... but I'm making plates. Well, ok, saucers. lol. )

I have another sketch that i'm working up of a postal worker. Ewe.S.Postal worker of course. I probably won't put it on the mugs, but I think they might find their way on some envelopes just for fun.