Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Time at the Ky Fiber Festival!

Unfortunately, I don't have photos to back up my story, but the Ky Sheep and Fiber Festival was wonderful!

So many people have given of their time and energy to put together a wonderful show, and their efforts were successful!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello! It was great meeting new sheep and fiber folks, and so great to see familiar folks too!

Several people asked where my lil guy was, and him being almost a year and 1/2 already, we thought it would be best if he stayed home with Dad. I can only imagine how exciting a wool festival, with all the tempting wool, and goods within his reach.. it might have been hard to keep up with him, and hard to keep him out of trouble! But here's a little photo update on him. We were trying to get a few photos of lambs to put a list of available lambs together (we've almost got that ready, so if you were on the list, we'll be sending that in the next couple of days!) The lambs weren't easy to photograph, they were all either eating, or being chased...

Boy's best friend

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