Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is It Winter Yet?

The sheep don't seem to mind it much. They have a path carved out from one barn to another.

This snow has hung on for several days now, but it is raining out tonight and quickly melting. We're supposed to be up in the 50's this weekend, so I thought i had better take a couple of snow pictures - you know, just in case we don't get any more snow this year! :)

and oh yes, Wyatt says "howdy".


  1. OMG he is soo cute! I'm so glad we are finally melting, we've had snow on the ground all month. Even if it is short lived I'll take it.

  2. Wyatt is so photogenic! I love the cowboy hat!!
    I also love that snow. We have had just a dusting here. I am not complaining though. I don't have to have my mud boots on to do chores!

  3. That boy is adorable with the cowboy hat! Sorry that you lost your snow. If you ever feel the need for more just let me know. We have a bounty of snow. Happy New Year!

  4. Happy trails to Wyatt! What a handsome little boy he is!