Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A few more sheep designs...

It's hard to believe that it's fall - that it's dark at 8:30 now.. and that the wool festival is 2 short weeks away! I have a couple more days of making pots and I will be packing the clay away to move on to the firing and glazing.

This is a few designs that are currently on the drying shelf:

There's so many different pottery ideas that i'd like to try, that sometimes I have to remind myself to just focus so that I can finish what is in the works.. but I wonder if anyone has ever tried "sheep wool" pottery? (you know, like the horse hair pottery??) hmm.


  1. Do you sell your pottery online? I have several shepherd friend who would love your mugs :)

  2. Those both are great! I think the Ewe Haul is my favorite also. I hear you on staying focused! It can be so hard at times.
    Good luck at the wool festival!

  3. Tonya,

    Does one have to travel to KY to get one of thoese Ewe Haul mugs?? How adorable!!!


  4. Thanks for the nice comments, Sherry, no- one would not have to "haul ewe" to ky :) I'll be posting them on my website once the festival is over - flatcreekwoolandpottery.com - but i would be happy to take any orders prior to, and ship once they are out of the kiln (early next week) They will be priced the same as the other mugs -20.00 plus shipping.
    Thanks again for the nice comments! tonya