Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summing up Summer

where, oh where has the summer gone?
Vines growing up the garden tiller..i need say no more about that project..
Wyatt is getting around rather well (army crawling on his belly). He's pullling up on the coffee table, chairs and etc, so it's full-time keeping up with him at the moment.
We recently sold our goats.. seems they might have been the cause of a few sheep injuries here over the years. They weren't convicted of anything, just suspected. I think they might have found a nice new home with other goats - or possibly been eaten...
Meanwhile, we have a little lamb in need of a physical therapist. Somehow, her back leg was broken (appeared to have been butted.. but again, no arrests were made - all speculation)
The little lamb has recovered from the surgery, but is not able to stand or walk on her own. It's been 2 weeks and she has a follow up with the Dr tomorrow, we'll see what he thinks. Despite the injury, she seems to be enjoying a little (ok, a lot) of extra attention.
We have 2 new lambs - they are adorable - what little lamb isn't? (they were bottle lambs from another farm)
What else is new...My pottery wheel is not working! Lightning struck close a few days ago and the wheel was plugged in and hasn't worked since. (nor has the fence charger) But all is well.. and it's a great summer! Hope everyone is having a wonderful one as well.


  1. What about a swimming pool for water therapy? Or, a sling like you use to help old dogs get up and walk around.

    BTW, we forgot to divide the stupid iris' in July. Where has the time gone???

  2. Glad to hear that you are doing okay. Wyatt is at that "full-time" stage now-can't take your eyes off him! Sorry to hear about your wheel-hope it's up and running soon-I still need one of those big bowls!

  3. Hi Tonya, I got your card and it made me so happy. I have meant to write you so many times. I have the card right here in front of me. I'm horrible. I think this summer has really been difficult on lambs. We have been staying so busy. Fencing has come to a halt till we get the tractor back from Deere. You need to post some more pics of Wyatt. I know he keeps you so busy. My daughter jokingly said we need some children on the farm. I was ready to smack her on her head. I have had children since I was 16 and we still have a 20 yr old at home. I get tired just thinking about kids. I know your boy goes non stop. Take care of you. I hope your wheel mysteriously heals itself. It has been known to happen.;)