Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finally, something to blog about...

Well no one wants to hear about tax preparation. It's been absolutely beautiful this week, but I've been inside trying to get the tax return together. Yes, wait til the last week or so, and you're bound to lose out on some nice weather!

I went out this morning to check on the sheep and couldn't find lambie. Of course she was at the last place I looked. She had company too! (we're not surprised like we were when the calf arrived.. we knew lambs were coming, but to be honest, I didn't know exactly when they would start arriving this time around)

This is Lambie's first lamb. (a ram of course) Lambie was rejected by her mother, and was our only bottle lamb we've had, but I can tell she's going to be a great mother to this little guy. The picture isn't the greatest - had a little guy sleeping in the house and I was way out of range on the baby moniter, so I snapped a picture and ran!

I took this picture of Myrtle a few days ago. She has to be the funniest sheep we have here. She followed me this morning when I went looking for Lambie.. she hops more than she walks, and is just fun to watch.

Snapped a quick pic of LeRoy the other day too. He is looking so much like his papa Charlie that it's sometimes hard to tell them apart from a distance. He's almost a year old now - still has a lot of growing to do. Our rams/wethers are starting to shed and really need to be sheared soon! (this weekend-if all goes as planned) I'll shear the ewes as they have their babies.

The morning sky this morning. It won't be long before those branches are covered with leaves!


  1. Taxes are a pain in the a$#. The lambs are adorable and so sweet.

  2. Congratulations on having another baby boy in your family! what will you name him? Enjoy your new addition!!!
    Today is Keeblers birthday. Hard to believe he is 1 year old. The year has flown by.