Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Au ooo ah eeeh

That's right, it's me, Wyatt. Mom has been busy, so I'm taking over the blog- well, just for tonight. Since Mom last posted, I've been learning how to use the computer. I get really excited when i can sit at the computer and play. I'm getting big, but my head isn't as big as it looks in the picture. Who took that anyways?
. This is our new calf, Petey. Mom said we weren't going to have any calves this year, but what did she know? (hope she doesn't read this) I would have thought someone would have noticed the heifer is getting big, you know what i mean? The first clue they picked up on was a heifer in the holler - hollerin'. They caught on pretty quick then. My Dad saved the calf, and the heifer. Mom was holding me, so couldn't help. (i think that was convenient, don't you?) Well.. she did get the sheep book, the one with pictures on how to pull a lamb, (don't you think they could use a book on cows?) but Papaw got here just in time to help Dad. We didn't know if Petey would make it, but he's a week old now and doing just great.
I don't sleep much during the day, but Mom is grateful that I sleep during the night now. If I do take a long nap, when I wake up, she's making pottery. She said there's a wool festival coming up in May that she needs to be getting ready for. Maybe I can go too.

Mom took this picture of me in my camo. I'm hard to find, but if you squint your eyes, let them go out of focus just a bit, you'll see me - I'm in the center.

Well I have to go, i think I hear my Mom coming.


  1. LOL, too cute. And you're right, you'd think they would have caught on before the hollerin' started. *snicker*

  2. You are a very handsome young man, Wyatt and getting VERY big! Maybe Mom will let YOU make some pottery soon....? I bet that would be FUN!

  3. Wyatt does a good job on the blog! Next thing you know he'll be taking pictures!! He can probably give Petey some good baby advice as well. Glad to know that mom is back in business ( sort of) too :-)

  4. Tonya, Wyatt is just tooo adorable. I love all the diapers, that's a wonderful idea.